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Installation & Basic Setup

Basic Requirerments:

  • Joomla! 2.5.x + or Joomla! 3.x
  • php5
  • file_get_contents() function or cURL library are required for this plugin to work properly


To install the plugin please use Joomla! Extension Component

Enabling the plugin in Joomla!:

To enable and configure the plugin after installation please go to:

Joomla! Plugin Manager Menu


Enabling myFlickr plugin in Joomla!

Basic plugin settings:

myFlickr Basic Setup

Easiest way to get flickr user id: http://idgettr.com/


Plugin Syntax explained in 4 simple steps


Step 1: First choose your photo feed


{myFlickr}feed=photoset, photoset_id=72157633641616028{/myFlickr}

In other words: First you have to specify the pool of photos you want to display in your Joomla! Article

Learn more about Feed options

Step 2: Select Layout


{myFlickr}feed=photoset, photoset_id=72157633641616028, layout=table, columns=3{/myFlickr}

In other words: Select "the way" photos should be displayed in your Joomla! Article. For example as a table, an ordered list etc...

Learn more about Layout options

Step 3: Select Thumbnail-Images Style


{myFlickr}feed=photoset, photoset_id=72157633641616028, layout=table, columns=3, style=css6{/myFlickr}

In other words: Apply styles to the thumbnails in the gallery

Learn more about Style options

Step 4: Select Gallery Handler


{myFlickr}feed=photoset, photoset_id=72157633641616028, layout=table, columns=3, style=css6, gallery=lightbox{/myFlickr}

In other words: Select one of available javascript galleries ( simple link-based gallery, fancybox, lightbox, slimbox.... )

Learn more about Gallery Types