Welcome to MakeWebSimple.net

This is the place I use to polish my abilities in Web Programming, share and store my knowlegde and publish my work.

I wouldn't say I'm a typical programmer. In day-to-day work I work mostly as a consultant in areas that are hardly connected to web. So why all this?

I do web programming mostly for fun and to keep myself in thouch with new technologies. Also because creating makes me happy. Sharing my creations even happier. Hope you will enjoy at least some of them.

Joomla! Extensions

Visit this Section to learn more about Extensions for Joomla! that I've created.
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Css Div Builder

Complex CSS Sandbox - a great tool for creating small button, banners as well as template partials.
Play with CSS Div Builder


Place where I publish news and share my thoughts on (sometimes completely irrelevant) things.

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